Holistic Voice Coaching in Zurich

As a long-time professional opera singer who works with her body and her voice every day, with growing stage and performance experience it became my need to deal with the core topic of “voice”. From my own biographical experiences, I found again and again how much the voice – the innermost thing that we humans have and, if necessary, expressing it by speaking out or making the voice sound – is inseparable from our emotions.


This is how I see my voice coaching as a holistic work. The paths I had to take to recognize the emotions behind certain vocal, psychological or physical blockages have challenged me and made me grow as an artist and as a person.
I see my job as an opera singer as a vocation, a gift and an opportunity to move and touch other people by awakening emotions and making them audible.


As a voice coach, my aim is to help my customers – regardless of their age – to perceive and recognize their vocal potential and to express it repeatedly. In addition to my trained ear and eye, I have a large background of knowledge, experience, empathy, curiosity, humor and ease.
I enjoy working with children, teenagers and adults alike.


For individuals, but also for groups (current workshops under “calendar”)
Possible languages ​​of instruction: German, English
Price per unit: on request
Teaching location: Zurich, also possible online via video call


I look forward to your inquiry at kontakt@melanie-forgeron.com.

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