Voice Strength Body Me - with Susan Tomasko and Melanie Forgeron

Is your voice quickly exhausted?


Would you like to feel safe and free while standing in front of people and talking? Would you like to know how emotions affect your body and your voice?

In this workshop we will get to know yoga as well as the voice and breath on a deeper level, feel and embark on the journey to our individual timbre and strength.


Susan and I accompany you through this multifaceted workshop with ease and humor and give you practical tips on the way.


The next workshop:

Date: 15th March 2020, 13:30
Location: Yoga Studio Yogisi, Grubenstrasse 19, 8045 Zürich
Sign up at kontakt@melanie-forgeron.com


Experience in yoga and singing is not a requirement. For more information on yoga, go to Susan Tomasko’s website.